S.O.L #31 The End

Its the last day of the Slice of Life…

I’m getting packed..

We are about to go to….


I’m really excited! I’ve been to Wisconsin before but my family is going again! I. Can’t. Wait.

Rice crispys? Check!

Ipad? Check!

Charger? Check!

Crackers? Check!

Stuffed animal? No! I forgot it! I run upstairs and grab my tiger stuffie. Ok now.

Stuffed animal? Check!

Clothes? Yup!

I got everything now!

I can’t wait!

S.O.L #29 N__e’s Mom

Oh N__e’s mom, oh how I love your sandwiches. Oh how you let N__e come over my birthdays. Oh what a kind mom you are. Now I’m here on a nice Friday day. It’s family blog day.   I don’t have my parents here though… So I’ll tell you what’s gonna happen….


“I’m sad.” I say to L___y.

”My parents aren’t here.”

“Oh N__e’s mom!” I go to her and sit.

”Hi N__e’s mom!” She hugs me and says hello back!

“Hey! I’m gonna do a blog on you!”

I remember when yesterday, I wanted to try her drink and I was like,

“Can I have some?”

And she gave me some! It tasted fizzy and like water? But, it tasted good.

I hoped you liked my blog! Psttt…. Hey N__t’s mom Hamantaschens are good. (The chocolate ones)

S.O.L #28 What’s happening

“Somethin’ big is getting nearer. Somethin’ big is coming though.~ Got some monkey business that what we intend to do..~” N__e sings from the musical.

“Come on’ I wanna monkey, monkey around! Come on’ I wanna monkey, oooo, were gonna monkey around!~” I sing with him because I’m also in the musical.

“So, what’s happening?” A____y comes and sits near us. (M_x, N__e and me.)

“Hey you should write a blog on me coming in and saying, what’s happening?” She says.

“Sure!” I say and I get on a new blog page.

”Look.” I show her the title of the blog post.

“Okay good!”

And now I’m writing the blog and I’m just about to show her…

“A____y, look.”

She gives me a smile and goes back to blogging herself.

S.O.L #27 Hat (Poem)

Today I’m wearing a hat. Yes.

A hat.

It’s a very nice hat.

Oh very blue.

I wanna be too.

But being blue is sad.

And that’s bad.

But, it’s the best hat I’d ever had.

That’s why I’m glad it’s my hat.

It sparkles when it reflects with the sun.

Oh so fun!

This is my hat.

Well that’s that.

I hoped you liked my hat!

That makes me glad. Not bad. So what’s your glad hat?


S.O.L. #26 The Scavenger

“Do you have food?” I look at N__e siting because I was, hungry.

“I have a sandwich.” He reply’s.

I run to his backpack and unzip it.


Lunch boox (I said that in my head.)

“Sandwich.” I grab the sandwich and run away and start eating it.

“Aye, can I have some.” J_o says.

”Fine.”  I rip a piece of the sandwich and give it to him.

“Yeah, thanks.” He reply’s when I give him the sandwich.

“More people,” I go up to them and ask,

“Do you have food.” Most of them said no.

“Hey L___y. I have no food. Wanna be depressed with me.”

“Sure.”  She replyed. I know I can always count on her.

We lay down on the floor just, on the floor.

Once everyone was here, we went to the next door school.  A friend, J__e just says,

“So how’s life.”

”Hungry” I say back.


I. Was. Still. Hungry.


S.O.L #25 Breakfast Asmr

“Hi, Welcome to my asmr channel. Today I’m going to do a juice asmr.” L___y whispers and she slurps her juice.


I start giggling.

“How about the nutrigrain bar?” I ask.

“Ok. And also I’m gonna do a nutrigrain asmr.”


She crushes a hanging out part of the wrapper.

“Actually, I’m going to get a granola bar too.” I say and I get up and get a nutrigrain bar.

”I got one..”


I make random crunching noises.

“Mmmm.. So crunchy.” It wasn’t actually crunchy though.

“Morning meeting in five minutes.” My teacher says. I get up and throw away my breakfast trash.

S.O.L. #24 Top Ten Favorite Animals

10 – Sharks. I like sharks because sharks look very cool and to me, they seem friendly.

9 – Turtles. I’ve seen some of my dad’s friends have some pet turtles I really wanted to pet them but there’re gonna bite.

8 – Whale. Whales are beautiful creatures and they are quite big.

7 – Orcas. I’ve seen an orca at Hawaii and I was like, “Wow!”

6 – Tigers. I like tigers because they’re fierce and cute!

5 – Foxes. I’ve seen some cute videos on foxes and honestly I want one.

4 – Hedhogs. They me may be prickly but, they, are, so, CUTE!!

3 – Stingrays. In Punta Cana, I’ve got to swim with stingrays! They also fell slimy on the bottom.

2 – Bread dog? My friend L___y, drew me a bread dog for my birthday, that I can color! ( Probally not a real animal.)

1 – Pandas. So cute! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE pandas!

Thanks for reading my band-aid blog! Hope you enjoyed it! What is your favorite animal?

S.O.L #22 Stop. Sit. And Do Your Work

“ And then-“  My cousin says but, my other cousin cut him off.

“N__. Do your work.” He says with a firm voice.

“Okay.” He replies and goes on his iPad. (He was suppose to do a summary.)

“N__, Why are you on the iPad?” I question. He doesn’t answer me.

“Turn it off.” My cousin says.

“Okay, jeez.” I gave a look at him.

He keeps talking and talking. EVEN when I was asking  one of my cousins something but the N__  was trying to answer me. We kept saying be quiet and do your work but, nope. Then finally I said,

“Stop. Sit. And DO YOUR WORK! Cheeze.”

He sat and did his work. But he still sometimes STILL started going on his iPad for some reason.. It. Was. Frustrating.

“If you’re not going to do your work, that you can’t play iPad.” My cousin says to N__. Finally he’s focusing on his work.